• Quantitative Analysis of Blood Hormones
  • Purpose
    - Measurement of changes in various blood markers and hormones
    Evaluation Items
    - Insulin
    - C-peptide
    - Glucagon
    - Leptin
    - GLP-1
    - Cortisol
    - Cortisone
    - Hemoglobin A1c
  • Blood Lipid Profiles
  • Purpose
    - Analysis of blood lipid metabolites
    Evaluation Items
    - Kidney function - BUN(Blood urea nitrogen), Creatinine, Uric acid
    - Liver function - Glucose, Albumin, ALT(Alanine transferase), AST(Aspatate aminotransferase),
    - ALP(Alkaline phosphatase), Total bilirubin, Direct bilirubin, Indirect bilirubin, Total protein
    - Lipid function - Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol
    - Free fatty acid
    - Measurement of plasma lipid profiles
    - Conduct 17 examinations at a time.
  • Lipoprotein Fractionation
  • Purpose
    - Measure the hypolipidemic effects of drug candidates on plasma triglycerides and cholesterol
    Evaluation Items
    - VLDL, LDL, HDL Fractionation
    - Quantitative analysis of cholesterol/ triglycerides in each lipoprotein
    - Use FPLC and Superose 6-column chromatography and quantitatively analyze cholesterol in blood lipoproteins and lipoprotein content changes in triglycerides in the animal model
  • Tissue Lipid Metabolite Analysis (Lipidomics)
  • Purpose
    - Analysis of glucose / lipid metabolites and enzyme activity in the tissues and plasma
    Evaluation Items
    - 5 types of diacylglycerol
    - 7 types of cerimide
    - 3 types of dihydroceramide
    - 4 types of glycosylceramide
    - 3 types of sphingomyelin
    - sphingosine, sphinganine, sphingosine 1-phosphate
    - 9 types of fatty acyl CoA
    - 20 types of free fatty acids
    - Analysis of lipid metabolites in tissues and blood by using of LC/MS/MS ABI 4000-Q Trap and GC/MS to find correlation of accumulated lipotoxic metabolites and disease development.