• Inflammatory response in pancreatic cells
  • Purpose
    - To measure the effects of the drug candidates on suppression of inflammatory response in pancreatic tissues or pancreatic cells.
    Evaluation Items
    - TNF-alpha ELISA
    - Interleukine-6 ELISA
    - Immune cell proliferation/activity
    - Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay(ELISA)/Enzyme activity assay
    - Conduct a high-sensitivity measurement of cytokines in response to inflammation in pancreatic cells, and measure a change in the infiltrated immune cells
  • Marker Analysis of Beta-Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
  • Purpose
    - To evaluate the effects of the drug candidates on the prolioferation and quantity of pancreatic beta-cell by measuring various biomarkers.
    Evaluation Items
    - Confocal microscopy
    - Real time PCR
    - Proliferation/differentiation
    - Flow cytometry
    - determine the number and volume of beta cells induced by the drug candidates, and observe any change in the pancreatic beta cells to evaluate the efficacy for type I diabetes.