• Perform the efficacy evaluation and DMPK at one time
  • Obesity Measurement of energy metabolism Analyses of energy balance, energy expenditure, weight change and food intake Determination of body composition Analysis of fat mass and muscle mass	Diabetes Quantitative analysis of whole-body and tissue insulin resistance Insulin resistance (Hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp) Insulin secretion capacity (Hyperglycemic clamp)	Dyslipidemia Analysis of lipid composition Analysis of lipid and lipoprotein profiles, relevant hormone and enzyme activity Process of Efficacy Evaluation New pharmaceutical substance  Animal Management Core  DMPK Evaluation Core  In Vivo Efficacy Evaluation Core  Biochemical Metabolite Evaluation Core  New Drug Candidate for clinical trials
  • A one-stop system equipped with total evaluation processes for drug efficacy to validate the drug candidates In recent development of metabolic disease therapeutics,  comprehensive analyses are required to determine drug efficacy and side-effects for obesity, diabetes and dyslipidemia. New therapeutics working on novel targets are actively being developed for insulin resistance-induced metabolic diseases. Thus, a comprehensive procedures to evaluate new drug candidates for metabolic diseases is essential. In NECMD, our one-stop evaluation system can verify the efficacies and side-effects that each individual evaluation item only cannot predict. A conveyor system designed to accelerate the speed and efficiency of efficacy evaluation To reduce the evaluation time, the NECMD conveyor system connects the Animal Management Core,  DMPK Evaluation Core, In Vivo Efficacy Evaluation Core, and Biochemical Metabolite Analysis and Evaluation Core together. This system aligns the diverse evaluation techniques at one location and performs the processes in a sequential manner. This process reduces the time for trustworthy data collection, decreases the number of animals necessary for evaluation, and consequently minimizes the amount of the new drug candidates for preclinical experiments.