Message from the Director of NECMD

  • Committed to accelerate the drug discovery process for novel medicines
  • Metabolic disease including obesity, diabetes and dyslipidemia is increasing dramatically and inflicts the patients with various complications Form this reason, the market for metabolic disease therapeutics is expanding and continues to grow ultimately becoming a major therapeutic area.
  • The National Efficacy Evaluation Center for Metabolic Disease Therapeutics (NECMD) was established in Gachon University of Medicine and Science in May 2010 to provide the comprehensive drug testings in metabolic diseases. Since the pre-clinical evaluation of the drug candidates is a major hurdle in drug development process, the role of NECMD is to help pharmaceutical and biotech industries develop the future blockbuster drug by supporting nonclinical procedures.
  • NECMD has a consulting system composed of the professionals from the industry, academia and medical areas supporting technical and medical issues and commercialization. With technical supports from Korea Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (KMMPC), NECMD established a world-class, professional evaluation system for pharmacological efficacy of the drug candidates curing metabolic disease
  • NECMD provides the services designed to shorten the time frame and reduce the cost of drug development through cost-effective and research-oriented solutions. Currently, we provide in vivo pharmacology, DMPK/ADME, toxicity and toxicology services in pre-clinical stage. To meet the customers needs, we are continuously developing new evaluation techniques for drug discovery and development.
  • We will continue to provide the industry sectors with expertise drug evaluation and help them increase success rate of drug development. By expanding our partnership with domestic and global clients, we will bring new novel therapeutics to market sooner and hope to help the patients inflicting with metabolic disease.
  • Thank you very much.
  • Choi Cheol-soo, MD Director